Everything You Should Know About POST UTME

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Lets talk About Everything You Should Know Regarding POST UTME

After seeing the JAMB result, many students do not know what next to do to get admission to study their preferred course.

Some think the admission will be automatic which is not.

Or you may have been hearing about or seeing POST UTME but you don’t know what it is about.

Some think Post UTME is just an exam you will do after JAMB.

Some students are of the opinion that since the school they want to go to is not doing exam for admission, so they don’t need anything like Post UTME.


In this post, I will explain everything to you well detailed. Do make sure you read it to the end to be able to understand what Post UTME is all about.

Also, the video below explains it. You can skip (pause) it and read the content below instead.

– What is Post UTME ?

Post UTME is the short form of the Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

It is the activity EVERY student who wants to gain admission to study in any school in Nigeria must pass through after seeing JAMB results.

It is an application form you MUST apply for before you will be given admission.

Before any school will give you admission to study in their school, you must apply for the post utme form.

Post-UTME can be in the form of screening or exam or even both for some schools.

– What is Post UTME Screening ?

Screening means the school will make use of the JAMB result and O’Level result (i.e. WAEC or NECO or GCE, which can also be combined as two-2 sittings) to determine the admission. They will calculate both together.

So in case the school you want to apply for will do screening, the higher your JAMB score and excellent result in your olevel will increase your chance of getting admission.

For example, if a student score 230 in JAMB UTME and the result in 5 relevant subjects in Olevel is like Maths – B2, English B3, Biology – C4, Chemistry – B3, Physics B3

The chance will be higher than a student whose result is like the one below:

190 in JAMB UTME and the result in 5 relevant subjects in Olevel is like Maths – C4, English C5, Biology – C4, Chemistry – C5, Physics B2

So take note.

– What is Post UTME Exam ?

Post-UTME Exam is done after you have applied for the Post-UTME form. It can be inform of written as objective questions or CBT exam.

Some schools will ask you to come to school to do the exam or to be done online at any CBT centre or with your laptop if you have one.

The subjects to be done in the Post UTME exam differs, some schools will do only 3 subjects, and some are 4 subjects or even more, it depends on the school.

So if the school you want to apply for is doing Post UTME exam, you need to prepare excellently well because it will determine your admission. I will advise you to get the past questions from the school to prepare for it so that you will know how the questions are being set.

There is no particular number of questions all schools will set, they are at liberty to do what they prefer.

DON’T JOKE WITH POST-UTME EXAM. The higher your Post UTME Exam score, the higher your chance of getting admission.


– How To Know If The School Will Do Post UTME Exam or Screening ?

Some schools from the past used to do Post UTME Exam while some are only screening. It will be known when the Post UTME form is announced. Some will put it as part of the announcement for the admission form.

Otherwise, some will state on the Post UTME registration form printout, that you should expect notice of the exam.

It all depends on the school choice.

– How To Know if the Post UTME Form is Out ?

The form is usually announced on the school website. But you may not know the exact website for the school or where it will be published.

Also, if you want to check on Google, there are many fake news with different information.

So, I have made it easy for you, you can always check the website, Naijaedugist.com for all the updates.

I post all the available forms on this website, including Federal and State Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.

You can also message me via Whatsapp on 08124611631. OR SIMPLY CLICK this link  below ????????


– How To Register for The Post UTME / Admission Screening Form?

Post UTME / Screening Form registration is to be done online, you don’t have to go to school to register for it. In fact, some schools will state in the announcement for the form that you do not have to come to school.

So, you can register for it anywhere. But registration needs to be done by an expert. Because if you register for it on your own, you can make mistakes that will affect your admission. Also, you may register at cyber cafe but not all cafe operators are educational consultants, they may not know the right information to check for that will increase your chance of getting admission.

That is why you need to contact a consultant before you do it. You can chat with me on WhatsApp via 08124611631 to register for it. I will show you step by step process I am using to register, and you will also have access to the school portal once registration is completed.


– What Next After Post UTME Registration?

After you have successfully registered for the Post UTME, if the school is doing Post UTME exam and you have done it and see the result, you will wait for the admission. So, keep praying and hoping for admission.

You will be able to see the admission on the school portal or on the JAMB portal depending on where the school post it.


Do you need guidance on how to apply?

Kindly reach out to Ola Sure on Whatsapp via 08124611631 OR CLICK THIS LINK –  https://wa.link/4fzffa OR  https://wa.me/2348124611631

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