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Ahead of the scheduled 2023/2024 University of Lagos Post-UTME Aptitude Test, all candidates are advised to read and follow carefully, the instructions indicated below:

General Instructions

1.         This is a competitive qualifying aptitude test.  Candidates must comport themselves accordingly.  Candidates are advised to have a reliable internet connection before attempting the online aptitude test.

2.         Candidates’ activities during the period of the aptitude test will be monitored and recorded.  Candidates will be required to attempt the test with a webcam and microphone enabled device. (Use of mobile phones for the aptitude test is not supported).

3.         Candidates are forbidden from covering their webcams during the period of the aptitude test. Our inability to see the candidate at any time during the test may result in disqualification.

4.         During the aptitude test, candidates are not permitted to leave their position.  Please adequately prepare before commencing the test.

5.         In the course of the aptitude test, candidates are not permitted to leave the test tab for another tab or application on the computer for any reason. Departure from the test tab may result in disqualification.

6.         Nobody is permitted to be around a candidate during the period of the test, not even family members. Candidates may be disqualified if anybody is seen around them during the test.

7.         The duration of the aptitude test is 30 minutes.  The time starts to count immediately candidates click the start button and continues to count even if they log out before the 30 minutes lapses.

8.         Do not read the questions out during the aptitude test. This may result in disqualification.

9.         In the event that a candidate runs out of time, the aptitude test will automatically be submitted.

10.       Use of facemask or face caps during the examination is prohibited.

11.       Candidates should note that they can only commence the examination at their scheduled time.

Directions to take examination

All candidates will receive a unique email containing links to install the examination browser and a unique configuration file.

Step 1: Install the examination browser (one time).

Step 2: Click the link to download your unique examination configuration

Step 3: Launch the configuration file to launch the examination, then click enter to start

All candidates have been scheduled for a mock examination from Monday, 24th to Saturday, 29th July, 2023 to enable them install the examination browser and test same on their laptop or desktop computers ahead of the actual Post-UTME examination.

Candidates are strongly advised to avail themselves of this opportunity of the Mock examination in order to familiarise themselves with the examination platform ahead of the examination.   They shall (a) install the examination browser and (b) take the mock examination on the device they intend to use for the actual Post-UTME examination.

Candidates who fail, refuse or neglect to make use of this window of opportunity of the Mock examination do so at their own risk.

Please note:

The examination browser is only available on Windows OS.  MAC OS is not supported

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